About Us

At IEN Risk Management, we do not take the standard approach to employee benefit advising. Our goal as consultants is to educate, provide strategy, and manage the many risks of an employee benefit plan for a plan sponsor and their members. Guiding middle-to-large market businesses, both public and private, on how to control costs and drive transparency in health care is our expertise. Achieving such success begins with employee education and the value-added services our firm provides through experienced advisors and on-staff clinicians.

Why is this so Important?

Wage stagnation

It's the primary cause. This crushes middle and lower income families.

Public spending

Consumes 30-40% of state and ~27% of federal (7% in 1976) budgets.


#1 cause for individuals, though 72% of filers have health insurance.

Human suffering

46% of Americans forego care. Out of pocket costs are up 68% since 2009.


Avg. baby boomer family would have $1M more saved if costs had tracked inflation.


Costs on track to consume > 50% of Millennials' entire lifetime earnings.

via HealthRosetta.org